Friday, March 24, 2006

A look back - 1998 Las Vegas Convention Caricatures - I

Stylistically (I believe) my 1998 NCN (National Caricaturist Network) caricatures were the most consistent.
I really hadn't worked "live" with colors like this before the convention. I always take a large variety of materials to choose from and just see what strikes my fancy. Sometimes it varies from drawing to drawing. Not so in '98.

I think I've drawn at least one self portrait each time I go to the convention.

Everybody needs a Bippy!

Why I drew this one without eyes I have no idea! When I handed her the drawing though she asked if I had heard her remark about her eyes falling out because there was so much great work on the walls of the convention hall.

About caricatures: I'm always asked if I look for a definite feature to pick up on ... usually I say no ... I just kinda draw all around and what comes out comes out. Not so this time!


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