Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Inspired to draw Charlies' stalker, Rose, from "Two and a Half Men"

I was lookin' over at Funny Cute and Katie Rice had drawn some characters from the movie, "But I'm a Cheerleader". I recognized the last drawing as Charlies' (Sheen) neighbor from "Two and a Half Men".

I then searched 'til I found some good reference then drew then searched some more then drew some more then inked somethin' then drew it with a litho pencil and finally drew it with a col-erase. Anyway, I was inspired.

So, here's some sketches of Melanie Lynskey.


Blogger Katie said...

I love how stylized these drawings are...I wish I could make my caricatures more cartoony! I love the last one, in green pencil.

12:25 AM  

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