Thursday, February 23, 2006

hmmm ... I signed up for this thing in august of last year, but this is my first post.
I was lookin' at some artists (my problem is I always want to edit and have the punctuation correct ... should it be artists, artist's, or artists') blogs today and I guess it's about time I start this thing.

Last week I was in Tulare for the 3rd year in a row drawing for GMC trucks at the World Ag Expo for 3 days. My partner in crime for the event was none other than Zach Trenholm, nationally published caricaturist. For 3 days we drew mostly teenagers from California's central valley (Tulare is directly between Fresno and Bakersfield). This year another colleague of ours, Doug Shannon, was drawing for some dairy industry company.

Anyway, it'd been forever since I had a new caricature of myself up on my easel (I'd been using one from 2000).
The week before the event I finally finished a new caricature of myself for my display.

So, one afternoon one of the young ladies in the booth was having her caricature drawn by Zach and she asked if she could either be or have a "penguin" in her picture. I believe he obliged her. Why? ... well, it seemed my (new) self caricature reminded her of a PENGUIN!

Here it is: